Transformation Map

A quick overview of your company’s roadmap

A concentric roadmap visual built for Orbus Software. The visual helps identify Projects based on Date and Category. The user can drilldown to a specific Year, Quarter or Month and analyse the projects for that Quarter in detail. The user could then right-click on any project and Drill-through to get to a Project Report. The visual also lets you ‘zoom’ into any Category or Year to filter and get a more detailed view. The visual has functionalities like:
  • Drilldown – Traverse between Year, Quarter, or Month
  • Quick Filter – Click on any Category or Date to get a Quick Filtered View
  • Heat Mapping – Colour your icons based on any field
  • Animation – Click animations to make the user flow as smooth as possible
  • Completely Customizable – Plenty of formatting options to control the width and height of every element, along with text customization
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