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Visualize data your way, with our rich library of fully customizable, open-source data visualization tools. Use the Power BI visuals SDK to create stunning data visualizations based on well-

Report Design

A report consists of a data model, a layout, and a set of properties. Optionally, a report may also include a style template and a set of translations

Data Modeling

Data modeling is the process of analyzing and defining all the different data your business collects and produces, as well as the relationships between those bits of data.

Support and Maintenance

We offer support and maintenance plans that account for expected and unexpected software issues across a range of devices and systems.

What Sets Us Apart?

Enterprise Grade Visuals

Visualize your data efficiently with the most beautiful, stunning, and interactive visuals. Upgrade your analytics toolkit today!

Perfectly Tailored

Every visual is carefully tailored specifically to your needs along with consultation to refine and improve your requirements. Pixel perfect is our motto!

Microsoft Standards

Being a Microsoft Partner, we ensure that every visual adheres to Microsoft's best practices and guidelines!

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About Us

Datellers is a team of experts possessing deep knowledge in building Analytics. We help analytics users enhance their reporting solutions using enterprise-grade Custom Visuals curated specifically to their requirements. Our proclivity lies mainly towards Power BI Visual Development. A Chart, Map, 3D Model, etc. Datellers can build it all! A game-changing factor for any organization and industry!

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