Rich Text Editor

A Rich Text Editor built exclusively for Power BI

This is a UI component built completely in React that is meant to be a full-featured textarea replacement similar to CKEditor, TinyMCE and other rich text “WYSIWYG” editors. It’s based on the excellent, open source Draft.js from Facebook which is performant and production-tested.
  • Configurable toolbar with option to add/remove controls.
  • Option to add custom controls to the toolbar.Option to change styles and icons in the toolbar.
  • Option to show toolbar only when editor is focused.
  • Support for inline styles: Bold, Italic, Underline, StrikeThrough, Code, Subscript, Superscript.Support for block types: Paragraph, H1 – H6.
  • Support for setting font-size and font-family.Support for ordered / unordered lists and indenting.Support for text-alignment.
  • Support for coloring text or background.Support for adding / editing links Code.
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