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At Datellers we enable organizations to build beautiful and interactive visuals by transforming your data into logical stories entailing clear answers.  We empower stakeholders to create effective representations of their data that instantly make sense and go far beyond basic line charts, bar charts, etc.

Power BI Custom Visual

Key Services

Visual Development

We can develop highly customizable and powerful visuals only confined to your imagination. The visuals are created using D3.js along with Power BI Visual Tools


Datellers provide consultation to refine and improve requirements in line with business objective/s, to bring out the full potential of your ideas

Code Review

Ensure that your source codes are up to date, adhere to Microsoft Guidelines, and are following the best industry practices

Write-Back Support

We know how to develop visuals with write-back capabilities to update your data source directly, provided your Reporting Solutions have a fixed data source


We provide hands-on guided learning to give your team the knowledge and skills needed to create your own visual solutions

Post Go Live Support

We provide Support and Maintenance post project completion, to ensure that you can use your custom visual without any hassles

Value Bridge

Why Datellers?

We are a team of talented developers and Power BI Enthusiasts who have a vast experience in building above 100 plus advanced custom visuals.

These visuals are built on top of the D3 platform wherein users can turn data into a picture that fully represents their data landscape without tedious coding or ongoing support. In any browser on any platform and device, customers can see, interact with, and manipulate their data to pinpoint and illustrate the meaning in their.

Next generation of data visualization

Our Visuals let your data tell an engaging story while significantly improving the data exploration process. Your hard work deserves to be presented in a way that really tells the entire data story. Datellers arms you with the right imagery to help your clients make better decisions quickly.

Power BI Custom Visua
Power BI Custom Visua

How Custom Visuals will enhance your Power BI experience

You need to evaluate and view your data through a consistent lens that provide comprehensive and rapid insights. This means that data is visualized using best practices to guarantee that information is provided more clearly, simply, and consistently and in an interesting way. These customised visuals provide actionable data that you exactly want, and this can help you make better decisions by streamlining your decision-making process.

Why work with Datellers for
Power BI Custom Visuals?

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