Augmented Insight

Infuse life into your data to make data-driven decisions. Take your next step toward self-service Business Intelligence solutions!

Power BI Reporting

Power BI is a powerful Business Intelligence tool by Microsoft used for making fast, accurate and informed decisions using visually immersive & coherent insights from any data source

Power BI Embedded

Power BI Embedded API allows you to embed your Power BI Analytics within your Website or Application, and enables direct real-time insights to your end users

Power BI Premium

Power BI Premium provides a dedicated capacity, with enhanced performance, report sharing capabilities and a full feature set unlocked for your organization


PowerApps gives you the ability to quickly build professional-grade and low-code applications to automate processes with multiple data sources

Report Migration

Report Migration to a new platform can be time-consuming and complex. We can seamlessly translate your report from any platform and make it more attractive

Report Optimization

We can help analyze your slow performing Reports to identify bottlenecks and provide possible improvements to improve and boost performance

Advance Business Intelligence

  • The data-intensive nature of businesses puts business intelligence at the core of success. Datellers Power BI developers deliver Power BI solutions and help organizations to uncover insights hidden in their data and enhance data exploration.
  • Back up your decisions with BI consulting services
  • Do away with fragmented and costly BI technologies
  • Empower your entire organization with self-service business intelligence

Your project’s Business Intelligence (BI) Implementation strategy must be efficient if you want to get the most out of your BI investment. We propose using a concise Strategy & Roadmap for implementing your BI project.
Your business operations will be streamlined if you use Datellers implementation framework.

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