What are custom visuals?

Even though there are a plethora of visuals available in the Power BI suite and on AppSource, it is impossible for a limited set of visuals to cover limitless use cases.

Certain projects call for visuals that do not exist. Either to cover a specific and niche use case, or to create a much needed novel solution in Power BI for the entire market.

In comes Power BI Custom Visuals! Microsoft’s Power BI Visuals SDK lets you create beautiful, trenchant and powerful visuals that help a stakeholder make quick and incisive decisions! A graph, map, 3d model, animation, etc. Our possibilities are unlimited indeed.

Why choose custom visuals?

With the immense surge in data and an ocean of information available today, effective visualization of baffling and clumsy data is a critical step to create a compelling story. Data Visualization today can indeed be described as an art of purposeful storytelling.

Datellers strongly believe in the art of effective storytelling via alluring graphical representations, that can help you pull out actionable insights. We help our clients extract meaningful information and hidden connections from data, in the most intelligible way possible.

Power BI Custom Visuals are one of the neatest analytical open source tool available in the market today indeed!

How are custom visuals built?

Our visuals are built using Power BI Visuals SDK. The Power BI Visuals SDK is completely open source and therefore requires no additional licensing cost. Our visuals are built mainly using the D3 library in Typescript.

One of the most significant features of the SDK is its ability to work seamlessly with any framework. This lets us use exciting frameworks like React, AG Grid, Ant Design, etc.

Custom Visuals can also be built using any JavaScript library like jQuery, Material UI, etc. And even any NPM Packages. Custom Visuals also can be integrated with any API. What this means is that one can perform tasks such as updating data directly from the visual.

The Power BI Visuals framework is the most effective, yet flexible framework indeed!

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